Google reaches a compromise with Russian regulators regarding Android 22-04-2017      Hour 12:24 AM

Google recently reached a compromise with Russia's Federal Anti-Trust Service (FAS) in its long-running battle with rival Russian search firm Yandex and its antitrust case, claiming that Google has violated local competition rules.

The lawsuit, filed by Yandex about the US search firm's demand for phone makers to install applications and services in advance on their devices to allow them access to the application Google Play Google Play, which means that the company abuse the dominant position in the market and break legislation that encourages competition .

The main argument was that Google was preventing third-party companies from providing competing services on Android by forcing manufacturers to put together a bunch of pre-installed applications in devices like Gmail, Google Search, and Google Play.

The Federal Anti-Monopoly Agency of Russia (FAS) imposed a fine of 438 million rubles ($ 7.8 million) on Google in the wake of the September 2015 ruling, supported by the Russian arbitral tribunal in March last year .

The fine amounts to 9 percent of the company's revenue in Russia in 2014 in addition to the inflation rate, according to the Russian News Agency, where the court found that the company was actually abusive and take advantage of its status.

According to the terms of the agreement, which extends for six years and nine months, Google will not then request the existence of their applications separately on Android devices in Russia, and will not prevent and restrict the pre-installation of any search engines and competing applications, including the main screen of the device, Public only pre-installed.

The agency said that the US search company should now allow third parties to include their own search engines in the selection window, and the company should develop an effective window selection for its Web browser Chrome to allow users to choose their preferred search engine.

The agreement also stipulates that Google will develop a new widget for the Chrome web browser for Android devices already in use in Russia, which will replace the basic Google search gadget on the home screen and allow users to see the new "screen of choice" when it is launched.

A spokesman for Google confirmed the details of the settlement and made the following statement: "We are delighted to reach a commercial agreement with Yandex and the settlement we reached with the competition organization in Russia and resolve the issue of competition in the distribution of Google applications on the Android system."

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