BlackBerry beats Qualcomm and gets $ 815 million 22-04-2017      Hour 12:26 AM

BlackBerry Canada has defeated Qualcomm as part of the arbitration agreement between the two parties regarding the intellectual property fees paid by BlackBerry to Qualcomm. The processor manufacturer should return an estimated $ 815 million to BlackBerry, according to the arbitral proceedings announced on Wednesday .

Qualcomm has a large number of patents, and many believe that the company gets money through its own processors only, but a large part of its annual profits actually come from providing intellectual property rights to others like other manufacturers.

The company has recently been highlighted with regard to its licensing agreements, through court decisions indicating that it has benefited greatly from its position and placed it on the rest of the companies too much. Such cases have emerged all over the world and Blackberry Canada was one of those Companies that complained about Qualcomm.

The problem of the amount of money paid for the use of patents was publicly disclosed between the two companies in April last year, and both companies agreed to use the arbitration process to determine whether the Qualcomm and BlackBerry agreement on the use price reduction was applicable or not. In advance.

The binding hearing of the parties was held in San Diego, California this year. The hearing ended on March 3, and Blackberry was granted an initial recovery of more than $ 800 million on the matter.

This ruling is a big win for the Canadian company, helping the initial amount of US $ 814,868,350 million as part of the settlement, with a final decision to be made as soon as interest and attorney fees are set at next month's meeting. Stay away from smart phone manufacturing.

Qualcomm is currently suing Appel, where the iPhone maker feels that Qualcomm was unfair in terms of licensing terms. BlackBerry's decision may be very useful for Apple in its case, but Qualcomm does not believe this and suggests that the ruling will not Affects her case with Apple.

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