Karim supports the 22-04-2017      Hour 12:28 AM

The private car reservation services company, Careem, has announced the introduction of its new "Face Imprint" technology in a new step aimed at providing a safer service to its customers, setting new standards for passenger safety.

In a statement, Karim explained that the identification system allows the use of biometrics technology provided by Digital Barriers for smart security solutions to verify the driver's identity immediately, thereby eliminating the risk of fraud or impersonation of the vehicle. The technology ensures that each driver and driver are fully authenticated, "providing customers with peace of mind and confidence in safe hands, and giving them confidence in the identity of drivers around the clock."

Magnus Olsen, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Karim said: "When customers rely on their smart taxi booking service, they place their trust in the service provider they choose. "From our efforts to facilitate the lives of people in the region, providing a safe transport experience lies at the core of our business, and this technology will enhance the confidence of our customers."

"Biometrics helps us strengthen our relationship with our customers by reassuring them that every driver is verified at all times through a sophisticated process. This technology also provides a unique addition to the driver's follow-up process, which ensures that only those who have a reliable record of safe service are welcome to be a member of the Kareem family. "

Karim hopes that Face Recognition will prove to be an added advantage in many countries, such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, where many working families rely on the Kareem Kids service to safely transport their children to and from school. While the experience of booking a car through the smartphone application and the user interface will remain unchanged, the extra security step associated with Karim's private network will check the details of the driver at each booking.

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